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Free Seminar Series:When to See a Specialist

Join us in-person or virtually throughout November for, When to See a Specialist, part of 1785’s ongoing FREE patient health care seminars.

Hear from local specialty medicine providers as they present in-person from 1785’s Community Room on the signs and symptoms that may be telling you it’s time see a specialist. Learn why working with a specialty provider is important to getting the right care and best possible outcome for when you need it most!

Moderated by Certified Health Coach Dr. Benita Zahn

Register now to attend in-person at 1785 or virtually via Zoom.

Light refreshments and goodie bags will be served for in-person attendees.

Tuesday, November 8 | 12 – 1 p.m.

Is That Flutter AFib or Something Else?

AFib, or Atrial fibrillation, is the most common type of abnormal heart rhythm and it occurs when the upper chambers of the heart, called the atria, beat rapidly or in an uncontrolled manner. AFib can present a wide variety of symptoms, including fatigue, heart palpitations, trouble breathing, and dizziness. AFib significantly increases the risk of stroke. Dr. Lance Sullenberger of Capital Cardiology Associates explains symptoms and treatments, and when to see the specialist.

Lance E. Sullenberger, MD Capital Cardiology Associates
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Thursday, November 10 | 12 – 1 p.m.

When to See a Gastroenterologist

A gastroenterologist, or GI doctor, specializes in treating diseases and disorders of the digestive system which is comprised of many vital organs like the esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, intestines, and rectum. From swallowing issues and reflux, diarrhea to constipation, upset stomach, nausea and so much more, find out when to see a GI specialist!

Jenny Brown, FNP-BC Albany Gastroenterology Consultants
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Tuesday, November 15 | 12 – 1 p.m.

Finding Relief for Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis causes a variety of cold-like symptoms like nasal congestion and discharge, postnasal drip, sore throat, facial pressure and swelling, headaches and more. And it’s the number one reported chronic condition in the United States, affecting an estimated 37 million Americans. Come learn about the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options … and when it’s time to see a specialist.

Robert Engle, MD, FAAOA Albany ENT & Allergy Services
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Thursday, November 17 | 12 – 1 p.m.

What’s So Special about Specialty Pharmacy?

Patients facing serious health conditions like cancer, hepatitis C, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, organ transplantation, bleeding disorders, and more require complex therapies. Working with a specialty pharmacist can help prevent complications in treatment, improve bloodwork monitoring, reduce unnecessary medications, and shorten hospital stays resulting in overall lower treatment costs. Find out what a specialty pharmacist could do for you!

Sarah Khan, PharmD ConnectRx Pharmacy – Clifton Park
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